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Cisco Certificate Network Associate - Routing and Switching is the basic level course for a person to become a cisco engineer. Micireds Network technology provides indepth theoritical and practical session in Routing and switching using various models of Routers and Switches. A person can install, implement, operate and troubleshoot small and medium level networks. Main topics include Lan, Wan, Vlan, IP addressing, operating and configuring IOS devices, managing IP route and establishing point to point connections, IPV4 and IPV6.
Batches Regular Weekend Fast Track
Duration 40-45 Days 8 Weekend 15 Days
Hours Per Day 2 Hours 6 Hours 5 Hours
Demo Class Yes - 2 Days Yes - 1 Weekend Yes - 1 Day
CISCO CCNA ROUTING AND SWITCHING 200-125                                                               Thanks to Cisco..
Introduction to Cisco ICND1 100-101

PART 1The Purpose of Networks - Common Network Components - Legacy Network Components - Network Media - Classifying Networks by Geography - Classifying Networks by Topology - Classifying Networks by Architecture - The OSI Model Introduction - The TCPIP Stack Introduction

PART 2History of Ethernet - Ethernet Distance and Speed Limitations - Switch Operation - Switch Hardware - Logging In - Viewing Switch Information - Basic Switch Configuration - Configuring VLANs - Configuring Trunks - Configuring VTP - Troubleshooting Switch Operation Introduction

PART 3IPv4 Addressing Introduction - IPv6 Addressing Introduction - Router Operation - Router Hardware - Logging In - Viewing Router Information-Basic Router Configuration - Basic Router Setup - Routing Protocol Characteristics - Configuring OSPF - Configuring InterVLAN Routing-Switch Virtual Interface - Troubleshooting Routing Issues Introduction

PART 4DHCP - NAT - NTP - Access Control Lists Introduction - Securing Device Access - Switch Port - Security

Introduction to Cisco ICND2 200-101

PART 1Spanning Tree Protocol - EtherChannel

PART 2Understanding a Router Boot Sequence - Differentiating Between Boot Options - Working with-Cisco IOS Files - Cisco IOS Images - Cisco IOS Licenses - Password Recovery - Routing Protocol Characteristics -Troubleshooting Router Operation - Review of OSPF Operation-OSPFv2 Configuration - OSPFv3 Configuration -Troubleshooting OSPF - Review of EIGRP Operation - EIGRP Configuration - Troubleshooting EIGRP

PART 3HSRP - VRRP - GLBP - Syslog - SNMP - NetFlow

PART 4Metro Ethernet - VSAT - Cellular 3G4G - MPLS - T1E1 - ISDN - DSL - Frame Relay - Cable - VPN - Basic Serial - Interface Configuration and Verification - Configuring and Verifying PPP - Configuring and Verifying Frame Relay - Configuring and Verifying PPPoE