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With huge raise in the cloud operations and Amazon being the leader in the cloud storage, Cloud computing jobs are becoming one of the highest paid worldwide. By the end of this course, you will be able to design and implement in cloud paths. Micireds helps you to understand the broad view of AWS training plan, take you deeply through the course, Labs, mock exams and in the end making you an AWS associate. Providing Step by step classroom and onlad training, the major topics we cover includes EC2, EFS, Route 53, VPC, Direct Connect, Optimization with usage of direct gateways and much more.
Batches Regular Weekend Fast Track
Duration 40-45 Days 8 Weekend 15 Days
Hours Per Day 2 Hours 6 Hours 5 Hours
Demo Class Yes - 2 Days Yes - 1 Weekend Yes - 1 Day
AWS SOLUTION ARCHITECT - ASSOCIATE                                                                                  Thanks to AWS..

Module 1 Introduction

Module 2 Architecture

Module 3 Global Infrastructure

 1. Overview of Networking&Content Delivery

 2. Overview of Compute

 3. Overview of Storage

 4. Overview of Database

 5. Overview of Analytics

 6. Overview of Migration

 7. Overview of Security,Identity&Compliance

 8. Overview of Management Tools

 9. Overview of Application Services

 10. Overview of Developer Tools

 11. Overview of Messaging

 12. Overview of Mobile Services

 13. Overview of IoT

 14. Overview of Game development

 12. Overview of Business Productivity

 13. Overview of Desktop and Appstreaming

 14. Overview of Artificial Intelligence(AI)v

 Lab 1: AWS Account Creation

 Lab 2: Setting up Billing Alarm

Module 4 AWS IAM

 Lab 3: AWS Console

 Lab 4: AWS IAM

Module 5 AWS EC2

 Lab 5: AWS EC2

 Lab 6: Connecting to Linux EC2 instance

 Lab 7: Connecting to Windows EC2 instance

 Lab 8: Launch different types of EC2 instance

 Lab 9: EBS Volumes and Snapshots

 Lab 10: Security Group

 Lab 11: Amazon Machine Image(AMI)

 Lab 12: CloudWatch

Module 6 Placement Groups

 Lab 13: Hosting a webpage in EC2

 Lab 14; Elastic Load Balancer(ELB)

 Lab 15: Auto Scaling

 Lab 16: Metadata

Module 7 Elastic File System(EFS)

Module 8 Amazon S3

 Lab 17: Simple Storage Service(S3)

Module 9 How to get AWS Free Credit $

 Lab 18: How to redeem your AWS free Credit

 Lab 19: How to pay AWS bill

Module 10 AWS Cost Optimization and Management for free Tier

Module 11 Glacier

 Lab 20: AWS CLI

Module 12 Content Delivery Network(CDN)-CloudFront

 Lab 21: CDN - CloudFront

Module 13 AWS Storage Gateway

Module 14 Snowball

Module 15 AWS Route53

 Lab 22: Route 53-1st Session

 Lab 23: Route 53-2nd Session

 Lab 24: Route 53-3rd Session

Module 16 AWS Cloud Database Products-1st Intro Session

Module 17 AWS Cloud Database Products-2nd Intro Session

 Lab 25 : Launching RDS instance

 Lab 26 : RDS features

 Lab 27 : DynamoDB

Module 18 Elasticache & Redshift

Module 19 Aurora & DMS

Module 20 Virtual Private Cloud(VPC)

 Lab 28 : VPC - Custom VPC Creation

 Lab 29 : VPC - NAT Instance&NAT Gateway

 Lab 30 : VPC Creation using Wizard

 Lab 31 : VPC Security

 Lab 32 : Default VPC & VPC deletion

Module 21 Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)

 Lab 32 : SQS Lab Session

 Lab 33 : Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) -Theory & Lab

Module 22 Amazon Simple Workflow Service (SWF)

 Lab 34 : Amazon Elastic Transcoder -Theory & Lab

Module 23 Amazon Kinesis

Module 24 Amazon API Gateway & WorkSpaces

Module 25 AWS Lambda

Module 26 AWS CloudFormation